Mentoring is something that I've loved doing and I've done it for most of my life. I was fortunate enough to have amazing mentors in my life. Passing on your knowledge and skills on to others is very important. Leading by example is what I've chosen to do. 

I grew up in Bronx River Houses in the Bronx, New York. I started baking in my apartment as well as drumming. I've witnessed greatness born. I've also witnessed people fall prey to the streets. There are many young people that I've mentored that, fortunately, have gone on in life to do great things. I am very proud of that.

There's one young man that I am super proud of. His name is Khayan Reed. I've known Khayan from birth. Khayan has done something in Bronx River that I want the world to know and hear about. Khayan decided to become a physical trainer to anyone that wanted training. He spends his own money to get whatever is needed for his sessions. Most of what he does is out of pocket. He also runs a bi-monthly family day in the community center. He says he's doing this for the purpose of bringing the entire community together for a day of exercise, sports, activities and food. I'm doing whatever I can to support Khayan's forward motion. My goal is to spread the word about this amazing young man, get him as much support as he needs and make his program a citywide program...and hopefully, nationwide.

Also, Khayan and a gentleman named Travis Harris hold a bi-weekly session called Manday Monday. It had to be one of the most amazing things I've ever had the pleasure of attending and being asked to speak. Manday Monday brings together young men from the community in a roundtable setting to talk about the many topics that are relevant to their lives. Food is provided by Khayan and is usually paid for by him. Some restaurants have donated but it's mostly paid for by Khayan. My goal is to make this program nationwide. I wish this were available when I was a younger man. The essential need for mental health and a safe space to talk without judgement is so needed in our communities. I applaud him and Travis for their work.   

Please follow Khayan Reed on instagram. He is an amazing individual doing some amazing things, as you will see. I am proud of everything that he's doing.